Company Leadership

Systems Integrated’s core leadership team has a broad range of experience in the systems integration industry and has been working together for over 20 years. This experience brings unique insights that combined with our superior professional staff allow us to consistently exceed our customers expectations.

Susan Corrales-Diaz – President and CEO

Susan Corrales-Diaz has been President and CEO of Systems Integrated since 1988. Under her guidance, Systems Integrated transitioned from a specialty government contractor to a provider of leading edge technology solutions to government, municipal and private industry.

Prior to this Ms. Corrales-Diaz held the position of Vice President, Business Development Systems Integrated and various positions at Xerox Corporation. Ms. Corrales-Diaz has a B.A. from California State University at Long Beach and has completed various MBA classes, California State University at Long Beach.

Larry Pomatto – Director of Engineering

Under the leadership of Mr. Pomatto, Systems Integrated is consistently recognized for our innovative technological approach to systems integration projects. Mr. Pomatto has over 40 years of experience in the design, engineering and deployment of high technology solutions for a wide variety of industries and customers. Mr. Pomatto’s technical expertise, breadth and depth of experience, and innovative “no nonsense” approach to problem solving are at the core of every project that Systems Integrated undertakes. Mr. Pomatto leads the SI system engineering team and oversees the deployment of our systems. Known for his out-of-the-box innovative approach, Mr. Pomatto is expert in breaking down extremely complicated problems and then developing solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Prior to Systems Integrated, Mr. Pomatto worked for Hewlett Packard developing new technology for automated data acquisition and control systems. Mr. Pomatto has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

John Holbrook – Director

Systems Integrated’s reputation for getting things done when other companies have failed is due to our ability to manage all aspects of complicated high technology projects. Mr. Holbrook leads the SI team in executing the key elements of our projects. Mr. Holbrook has over 35 years of experience in systems engineering and design, control systems, project management and operations management.

Prior to Systems Integrated, Mr. Holbrook worked for Honeywell Inc. and a number of privately held, high technology companies as well as running his own telecommunications services company. Mr. Holbrook has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Mr. Holbrook is a registered Mechanical Engineer in the State of California.

David De Leeuw – Director of Government Services

Mr. De Leeuw brings over 35 years of experience relevant to the development and testing of Acoustic Test and Measurement Systems. Mr. De Leeuw has managed multi-million dollar high technology operations within engineering and product development firms focused on both commercial and government business. Specific Programs include the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Transformational Reliable Acoustic Path System (TRAPS) Project and Office of Naval Research (ONR) Very Low Frequency (VLF) Program. Mr. De Leeuw has managed multiple classified research and development programs designed to collect hydrophone and non-acoustic data in high interest, remote areas. Mr. De Leeuw holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Information and Control Engineering (CICE) from the University of Michigan.

Kishore Gandham – Director of Software

Kishore Gandham has over 20 years of engineering expertise in broadband and wireless products. He started his career at Racal Datacom developing ISDN and Frame Relay access devices. After few years Mr. Gandham joined Lucent and worked on products based on DSL and Wi-Fi. At Proxim, he led development of outdoor point to point and multipoint products which were hugely successful generating >$200M in revenue. He was instrumental in starting and managing offshore engineering team based in India. He joined Fastback Networks at early stages and as a director of firmware team, delivered first generation of Small Cell Backhaul radios. In 2015, he joined Systems Integrated to provide end to end solutions for transportation industry. Mr. Gandham has MS in Computer Engineering from Florida International University, Miami.


Since our founding in 1974, Systems Integrated (SI) has been in the forefront of technology, delivering innovative solutions that put our customers in control. Our experience spans a wide range of industries including – power generation, electric utilities, water/wastewater utilities, intelligent transportation systems and communications.


Corporate Headquarters

  • 2200 N Glassell
  • Orange, CA 92865

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  • 8080 Dagget St Suite 120
  • San Diego, CA 92111

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  • Phone: +1 (714) 988-0900
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